Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome to MY space.

I thought I would show you where I create and spend a lot of my time sewing.
I love my sewing nook, and I say nook, because the rest of the room in my youngest son's room (though his toddler bed is in our room at the moment, but that’s another story)

Just a little bit of warning, I am a neat FREAK!
So it is organised to the max.(I promise this is how it always looks, and not just tidied up for the photo), this is how it HAS to be when I walk away from it, and am done for the day.

It does get a little messy while working, but I really can’t work in mess, so even that isn’t real different than what you see here.

Here is what the book case consists of:
My patterns are in the green basket on the top shelf, any I have traced are in a folder on the bottom shelf.
How fantastic is this organiser caddy! I cant even remember which facebook page I bought it from, hopefully it will come back to me soon!
And my inspiration board and pocket frame help keep everything I need above me. (Though I think I need some more photos and jazz it up a little more)
And when I am using the overlocker, I tend to pull this little table out and away from the desk.

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