Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pink in a House Full of Blue

Other than my coffee mugs and tea/coffee/sugar canisters, I don’t buy pink for the house, because it is my husband’s house also, and while I decorate it, I try not to make it too girly (although wouldn’t it be cool to have a house like Ellie from Cougar town with shabby chic in every room!!!)

So when hubby approved (and by approved I mean he had to pay for them) the boys’ recent Mother's Day suggestion of a pink towel set... I am taking it as an indication I am allowed to have pink towels in the bathroom.. YAY!!!!!

Wonder what other rooms I can bring some more pink in to.... and how long will it take 4 males to notice??


I knew this fabric would look great as a wallet or clutch, as I think it is very stylish and also easy to match with any outfit.

So when I was told this wallet from Very Purple Person fits an iPhone in it, I thought it would be a great wallet-clutch, and since making it I know I will be making many more in different fabrics for myself and as adult gifts (watch out friends and family).

ETA: Here is another I have made for myself... just wait until Christmas and you will see just how much I love the pattern/tutorial... many more will be made!

Printing on Fabric

Why haven’t I done this sooner....??? My eldest two boys have just started collect these Trash Packs and While my eldest has the collector case, he also wants to take the characters to school to "battle" with his friends (or whatever you actually do with this toy) and the case is a little too big in his bag and too "showy" for my liking to take to school. So I told him I would make a little draw string bag (and of course one for my second eldest) And then I suddenly remembered I wanted to try printing on fabric, and would be perfect to print the logo to have on the bag.


1)I ironed some visoflex on to my white fabric, and leaving the paper side of the visoflex still on the fabric I masking taped all 4 sides of my fabric to an A4 pieces of paper.

2) Doing a printing test on to another piece of paper to make sure it would line up on my piece of fabric (as my fabric wasn’t a full A4 size)

3) I then sent my fabric paper through the printer.
And you’re DONE!

It's that SIMPLE!

The logo is a little smudgy from the printer ink, but luckily the style of the Trash Packs can have a dirty look to it.

Easter Gift

Our Christmas M&M tubes were a great hit at Christmas time, so thought the kids would enjoy giving some Easter themed gifts.
At first I thought of doing jelly beans- especially if I could find some pastel coloured ones.
But as soon as I got to the lolly isle and saw the mini marshmallows I knew that would be perfect!

So here they are..... All 40 of them!!!!!
What am I going to do when my third son is at school??

And for the teachers, thanks to Kelli One's blog for the idea, they all received a vase full of flowers!

These were well received, I even had other teachers and students looking at them and asking about them.
And the teachers were even talking after them for weeks to come :)