Saturday, August 17, 2013

Monster PJ Eater

I LOVE the PJ eater's that are getting around lately, so I decided to make one for a birthday gift.

I used the pattern from Sew Fearless, but made it slightly larger so I could just insert a cushion insert rather the stuffing and risk lumpiness.

And felt it needed a cute little poem to go with it (just in case the new owner didn't quite understand what it was for)

I am a friendly monster,
who loves to sit on your bed,
and every morning as you wake,
I get grumpy if I'm not fed.

I love to eat fabric,
It's my favourite food,
Just one pair of PJ's in my tummy,
It will keep me in a very good mood.

Nothing like making it personalised either.

Stationary Storage Tutorial

This tutorial does not require a stitch of sewing, but does recycle and organise. Two of my other favourite things to do :)

You will need:
Empty cereal box or box of similar size
Contact paper

1) work out how deep you would like your storage compartment, this will depend on where it will be stored, our draws were only 5cm deep, so I am making our compartments 4cm tall.
Mark this measurement all the way around and slice with a Stanley knife and ruler.

2) Using a strip of contact, slightly bigger then the box, and long enough to wrap the whole way around including an overlap.

3) Snip a "V" out of the corner.

4) fold the extra underneath the box, and also on the inside of the box.


 And you're DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!