Thursday, March 15, 2012

In The Hoop Embroidery

As if I didn’t love my embroidery machine enough as it was... I have now discovered "In the hoop" designs... where EVERYTHING is done within the embroidery machine hoop, with programed stitching!

So, to add to the gift drawer are 4 love heart coin purses.
And yes... it sews in the zip and everything!!!!!

If you would like to check out the design I used, it can be found here.

Electronic Reader Cover and Stand

With the help of Made by Marzipan's I adapted this tutorial to fit my mum Ereader.

Art Journal

A BIG thank you to LBG Studio for my new favourite tutorial that has become my main gift drawer stocking, the Art Journal.

I have made 4 of these so far, with many more planned as the stock gets low.

I have filled them with a mixture of sketch books, notepads, colouring in books, and stickers.
Plus the essential colouring in pencils and lead pencils.

Boys and their Tools

Last minute birthday invite (well only last minute hubby telling me!)
So I now have to make a gift the day before the 1 year olds birthday party!

Thankfully after 3 boys, I know how much they like tools and especially a tool belt to wear!

So teamed up with the drawstring bag from the previous tutorial post, I whipped up this cute tool belt.