Friday, January 27, 2012

Tooth Pillow

We have wiggly teeth! Yay! (Mr 7... not me... I don’t think I would be "yay-ing" if I had wiggly teeth)

Being in the top bunk, it may be a little hard to reach under his pillow in the night... so a tooth pillow is just what we needed.

And a pirate one at that!

The eye patch is a pocket for the tooth and money.

I have intentions of using the back of the pillow to record date and age of each tooth lost, as a bit of a keepsake!

Now to sit and wait for these teeth to come out.....

Mini Organiser

I am a BIG fan of note books, stationary and all things drawing and writing... always have! (I think it drove my mum crazy when I was younger to be honest)

So I couldn't help but make one of these "organiser wallets" for myself.

And while I was at it... whats another 7 more to add to the gift drawer!

(Usually this drawer consists of items I have found on special for the kids friends birthday parties that often spring up suddenly, but this year I hope to have more handmade items in this drawer ready for Birthdays or Christmas. This particular item may be more suited to adults, but I’m sure there will be some little girls out there that like notes and drawing also)

some other versions i have done, is remove the curved pocket, and make the large on in to a mini pencil holder

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ready for Back to School

Mummy is definitely ready for school to go back.... no, they haven’t been TOO bad these holidays... sometimes....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress up Party

I love planning parties!
I let my children choose the theme of the party they would like, and LOVE basing games, food, party favours and decorations around that theme!

However when my 4-going-on-5 year old chose "Dress up/Costume Party", I found it a little challenging looking for ideas, as most similar parties were either Halloween or for little girls tea parties.

But I think we go there in the end...

In the party bags we found some stickers with cats and dogs dressed up in outfits (LOL), glasses with a fake nose and moustache.
As well as the usual balloons and lollies etc.

We even managed to have some special guest arrive at the party....

Camping Activity Bag

Just recently we went camping, the first time ever for my kids, my first time in 13+ years, and therefore my first one I was in charge of catering and packing other peoples things.... so of course I forgot to grab some quiet time activities!

I decided to get better prepared for next time....

Each bag has a range of quiet time activities:
  • Colouring books and activity books
  • Kids magazine (such as Disney or Kzone etc)
  • Playing cards (in previously posted card pouch to match their bag)
  • Handmade pencil case to match, filled with colours
  • Handmade car pouch (though not sure how much dirt play I will encourage when we are on a shower free campsite!)
Dont forget my simple drawstring bag tutorial to help make your own bag of goodies.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Dressed a Girl Around the World

When I saw this cause listed on a forum, I had a strong pull on the heart strings, and felt very compelled to help.

I have raided my stash numerous times, pulling out large bundles of fabrics to use.
I have also approached a few business friends, and am speechless at the generous donations of fabric and sewing notions I have received to help complete as many dresses and shorts as I possibly can!

I hope to help indefinitely, through donations, my own stash and purposely bought items.

Here is my progress so far (65 dresses and 30 shorts.... and counting);

I look forward to blessing more girls (and boys) with a beautiful dress or pair of shorts throughout this year and for as long as I can!

If you would like to help by either donating some fabric or notions, please email me:
or if you have the time so sew some items or self (even if it is only 1 dress, that is more of a blessing then nothing!) please check out Dress A Girl Around the World- Sydney & Australia to sign up

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Card Game Pouch Tutorial

What to do when your kids rip in to their card games, and the pack is so ripped it barely holds the cards in the box...???

...make a card pouch!


1) Using the size of the card you would like to store, add 2" seam allowance all the way around. cut 2
2) Cut a piece of clear vinyl, half the size of your cards- or big enough for the name of the game found on the box
3) Sew 3 sides of the vinyl to create a pocket, insert display picture/name and sew up 4th side of the vinyl to secure in place.

4) With fabric right sides together, sew or overlock 3 sides, leaving the top open (make sure the top you are leaving is the right way up for your display picture)
5) Hem top down approx. 1cm (I overlocked the edge before turning it down)
6) Insert cards
Closure options could be velcro or snaps (or zip if your game) but also stay in place fairly well without a closure.
And you're DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!