Sunday, January 15, 2012

Camping Activity Bag

Just recently we went camping, the first time ever for my kids, my first time in 13+ years, and therefore my first one I was in charge of catering and packing other peoples things.... so of course I forgot to grab some quiet time activities!

I decided to get better prepared for next time....

Each bag has a range of quiet time activities:
  • Colouring books and activity books
  • Kids magazine (such as Disney or Kzone etc)
  • Playing cards (in previously posted card pouch to match their bag)
  • Handmade pencil case to match, filled with colours
  • Handmade car pouch (though not sure how much dirt play I will encourage when we are on a shower free campsite!)
Dont forget my simple drawstring bag tutorial to help make your own bag of goodies.

1 comment:

Tara Watts said...

Showerfree camping ... eeek!! I wanted to get a sticker made up to plaster across the back of our van "The Glamper" but my husband wouldn't let me :( Love the bag idea.