Monday, January 9, 2012

I Dressed a Girl Around the World

When I saw this cause listed on a forum, I had a strong pull on the heart strings, and felt very compelled to help.

I have raided my stash numerous times, pulling out large bundles of fabrics to use.
I have also approached a few business friends, and am speechless at the generous donations of fabric and sewing notions I have received to help complete as many dresses and shorts as I possibly can!

I hope to help indefinitely, through donations, my own stash and purposely bought items.

Here is my progress so far (65 dresses and 30 shorts.... and counting);

I look forward to blessing more girls (and boys) with a beautiful dress or pair of shorts throughout this year and for as long as I can!

If you would like to help by either donating some fabric or notions, please email me:
or if you have the time so sew some items or self (even if it is only 1 dress, that is more of a blessing then nothing!) please check out Dress A Girl Around the World- Sydney & Australia to sign up

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Tara said...

Well done KN. I made a few when my sewing group did a charity drive late last year. I am currently making beanies for premmies babies but want to make some more dresses after I get back from holidays next week (I can go to Spotlight yay).