Friday, January 27, 2012

Mini Organiser

I am a BIG fan of note books, stationary and all things drawing and writing... always have! (I think it drove my mum crazy when I was younger to be honest)

So I couldn't help but make one of these "organiser wallets" for myself.

And while I was at it... whats another 7 more to add to the gift drawer!

(Usually this drawer consists of items I have found on special for the kids friends birthday parties that often spring up suddenly, but this year I hope to have more handmade items in this drawer ready for Birthdays or Christmas. This particular item may be more suited to adults, but I’m sure there will be some little girls out there that like notes and drawing also)

some other versions i have done, is remove the curved pocket, and make the large on in to a mini pencil holder

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