Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sock Animals

Who knew there were so many animals you could create from a pair of SOCKS!
And many of the tutorials are free and easy to find online.

Here are just a few of the animals I have completed lately:

Who wouldn't love a rainbow monkey in a tutu?

The tutorial I used for this can be found at Web-Goddess, I love its step-per-page layout.

This mummy and baby dogs were made from this tutorial, found on Create Studio
The mummy dog only requires one of the socks in the pair, so I HAD to make a baby dog to go with it :)
I just used the same concept, making everything smaller scale, including cutting the body in half, along the length of the dog.

Next on my "Sock To Do List" is:
Hobby Horse
(Just to name a few other tutorials I have already come across)

So keep your eye out for those in future entries....

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Anonymous said...

What an ingenious idea, making the baby! You did a great job! :)