Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giddy Up Cowboy!

Hobby horses are FANTASTIC! And nothing better then a handmade one I believe :)

I finally got around to making this hobby horse for my two year old son. Now he can stop riding his toy broom around the house.

I found a very easy to understand tutorial and printable pattern at Designs By Kasia

I HAD to include the "Wanna be a Cowboy by Riley Blake" fabric, but I only had scraps left, so I sewed them together to make the reins.
For the head I used soft denim, I think of Cowboys wearing denim so seems fitting to me (plus I didn’t have a brown fabric to match the Riley Blake fabric).... Goes together much better, I think!


kasia said...

U did a nice job! So glad yr little cowboy likes it. How was the pattern? Would you have any reccomendations to change something?

Katherine said...

Thank you.
The pattern was fantastic, I understood it wonderfully.
Only thing i goofed up was when I added the darts to the front of the nose, I must have made them too big, as the circle then ended up much smaller then the other nose piece- but i just made a large seam on that one so they fitted :)