Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Easy to Make Tangram Puzzle

I loved these puzzles as a kid, and I knew my kids would also, so I thought "That would be easy to make" (yes, probably just as easy to buy, but I hate dragging 1-3 kids, depending who's school day it is, to the shops with me HOPING to find what I am looking for)
This is one of the many busy bags I have made, and I will be listing a few more in the near future.


1) Using this guide, I folded my square piece of paper where the black lines are, and drew the red lines on using a ruler.

2) I bought a packet of coloured foam sheets off eBay (because of the convenience of online shopping) but can be found in most craft stores and cheap shops.
I cut one of each of the template shapes on a piece of coloured foam (I was actually making 7 sets for friends at the same time, so none of my foam was wasted, but could always be made of one colour if preferred also)

3) I then printed out some picture patterns, cut and laminated, for easy visuals to recreate out of the shapes. (Printable version can be found here.)

And you’re DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!

There are many more tangram templates on the net, simply by Google different word combinations of "tangram templates" or "tangram puzzles"
I even started choosing particular pictures I was hoping to find "tangram boat"
These were my favourite, simple to start with pictures.
Keep an eye on the printable as I may add some more as my children progress past these ones.

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