Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sew Very..... Cheap?

Just like sewing doesn't have to be complicated
It also doesn't have to be expensive

I always look for free patterns and tutorials online
It may take a little perseverance to search for what you are after using the right keywords in google.
Sometimes searching in google images helps, as you can see if it matches before clicking a heap of different links.
Or if your happy to browse and let the ideas come to you, Pinterest is a great place to start.

The library is another place I find great for sewing
I have borrowed MANY books that have a pattern fold out in the back.
Or pages with patterns you simple need to photocopy to the size they say.

Finding cheap supplies can be just as easy also.
Sometimes buying in bulk for small notions can work out cheaper. And while you might only need one or two at the time, you'd be surprised how often you would use zips, magnet clasps, key rings and swivel clips etc if you had them on hand!

I find plain coloured homespun fabric is cheaper in my local quilting store then it is to get solid colours from Spotlight or the likes.

And keep an eye out for fabric sales, or destash websites.

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