Thursday, November 29, 2012

Car Pouch Tutorial

And who hasnt put their hand in their hand bag and pulled out a toy car instead of their ringing mobile?

With this cute little pouch, your child will be able to keep 3 of their favourite cars nice and safely together.
Ready to play with while out and about- waiting for the doctor, on the cafe table, or in the middle of the groccery aisle!

You Will Need:

Outer fabric 17x 24cm
Inner fabric 17x24cm
pocket piece 17x16cm


1) Fold pocket piece in half to create a rectange 17x8cm, and top stitch along the folded edge.

2) Position on the bottom of the inner layer

3) On the bottom-back of your inner piece, find the middle and mark 1inch either side of it.
This is where you will sew a straight line to create the individual car pockets.
Be sure to go back and forth a couple of times at the top of the pocket to make sure it will hold up against cars going in and out all the time.
4)I will be using a hair elastic and button for the pouches closure, same concept as the Fold-up Shopping Bag.
Snaps can also be put on towards the end, in the two corners if you prefer.
5)  Placing fabrics right side together, it is time to pin together and sew around the outside, leaving a turning gap at the top (shown where my fingers are, not sure why my photo is turned at the moment)

6) Snip the corners and turn in the right way. Top stitching the turning hole and all the way around the outside.

7) Positiong the button in place.

And you're DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!

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Mrs. Lucky said...

My son would love one (oh no, perhaps 20 of these to fit all his little cars trucks)! Lovely tutorial. Thanks for sharing it.