Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Electronic Fabric Stash

If you haven't already been able to tell, I like to be organised.
It helps me to know where things are, and easily able to see what I have.

And this doesn't stop when it comes to my fabric stash.

I have it folded around corflute (a plastic type cardboard available from most hard ware stores, and also used in signs for realestate and bottle shops) and grouped in boxes according to type and size.
I also place them in to the box standing up right, so that when you take off the lid and peer in, you can see the edge of each fabric and don't have to pull out your wanted piece from the bottom of the stacked pile- because you can guarantee that's where the one you want will always be!

This box is my cotton prints:

This one contains my flannelet, drill and denim: (plus a few misc like stretch and satin that i don't have much of, as i don't like working with it as often)

and these two boxes contain my fat quarters and "scrap" pieces: (I don't keep really scrappy pieces, it has to be decent enough to use on my every day sewing)

As well as my very easy to see-into-boxes, I have also taken photographs of each piece of fabric separately (generally as I buy them so i can stay up to date) and store them on my computer in folder called "Fabric Stash" Again I list them according to type and size. (Yet to write exact measurements, but believe me, I have considered it!)

This way I can sit at my computer and browse what I have and what might work for a project before I need to start unstacking boxes and finding the fabric.

I also get great satisfaction at seeing a piece of fabric "crossed off my list" when I have used up a  piece completely, I simply delete the photo from my records.

How do you store and sort your fabrics?


Mrs. Lucky said...

Wow! You really ARE organised!

Peta Rawlinson said...

Katherine this is a sensational idea! I will very seriously be considering this for my stash organisation. As well as the one you use for your UFO's :)