Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mini Purse Tutorial

This mini purse is great for loyalty cards, business cards, carry a bit of change, women's products, phone case (maybe add a layer of batting for this) and many more ideas for this cute purse!

You will need:printable pattern piece
1 layer outer fabric
1 layer inner fabric
1 layer of interfacing (or batting if you are making a phone case)
hair elastic and button or snaps


1) layer fabrics right side together, with interfacing/wadding on wrong side of the outer fabric and pin together.
i will be using a hair elastic for closure on this wallet, so place that between the inner and outer fabric, half way along the curved side.

2) Start sewing from the short flat side, all the way around finishing on the shirt side, leaving a turning gap approx the size I am showing between my fingers.

3) Snip corners and turn right way.

4) Top stitch the short straight side, so the turning gap is closed up.

5) Pin the short side up 3.5" towards the curved edge.
6) Start sewing from the folded edge, up the straight, around the curve, and down the other straight side stopping at the fold on the other side

7) Add your button closer, or snaps.
Button and button hole would work, so would Velcro.

And you’re DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!

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Cassandra said...

Great Tutorial :) This would be cute to hold my blogging business cards in. Thanks for sharing!