Monday, December 12, 2011

SUPER Cheap Stocking Holders

These stocking holders cost me less the $2 to make! And look GREAT holding my handmade stockings!


1)I went to the local hardware store, who told me to go and look in their scrap wood bin to see if something suited my project

They even helped by cutting the piece I found in to my desired size. Because it was a left over bit of wood, they didn’t charge me anything, however even if they do charge you a little, I'm sure it would only be a little, and perhaps $1 per cut... it would still be super cheap :)

2)I bought a packet of screw in hooks (from memory these were $1.50 for a packet of 6)

3)I wrapped each block in wrapping paper I already had here from previous years.

4) Placed a little piece of sticky tape where I will be putting the hook, so the paper would rip.

And screwed in the hook!

5) Add bow, ribbon or other gift decorations to really set it off.

And you’re DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!

Best of all, I can easily change the paper each year to bring in different colours or if I change my colour theme all together!

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Anonymous said...

I have some wood from cutting a tree. I'm on the way now to get a piece for screwing in the hooks. Thanks