Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gifts for Under $10!

Handmade gifts are becoming bigger and bigger, and I love making handmade for personalisation (and more often than not it's more cost effective on my pocket)

So I thought I would share with you, a gift I have been making for a few years now and always appreciated (and one year when I had a new born, I had a few disappointed people when they didn’t receive this)

Best of all, it costs under $10 per gift!

you will need:
2 different plain colour sheets of card stock ($1.10 each= $2.20) - the more calendars you use this may be 2 per 2 calendars, because you use a large piece of piece A and small of piece B on one calendar, and the other will be the opposite
1 sheet of print scrapbooking paper (up to $2)
buttons, ribbons and other embellishments (I benefit from having a heap here, but you can often get coordinating ribbons from scrapbooking shops for 50c a metre)
standard photo (15c from big w)
memo board calendar from reject shop ($2) - this can be found in the craft/stationary/diary section or near the front counter. it has a white board/memory board at the top and a whiteboard pen, but it provides a nice sturdy top to cover with our new scrapbooked layout
minimum total of $7.35 (working on 2 different ribbons)


I make these for all of the grandparents, great grandparents and 1 of my aunty's.
I also write in our birthdates, so they are never forgotten.

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