Friday, December 2, 2011

Activity Advent Calendar

As well as our chocolate advent calendar, I also thought I’d use our fabric hanging advent calendar for a selection of Christmas activities, to help us get in to the spirit of Christmas.

Some are for the whole family to do, and some are just a little quiet activity for the kids.

As well as some will be used for gifts, decorations and other things that need to be done at Christmas time :)

1. Decorate Christmas tree
2. Write wish list to Santa
3. Colouring activity.
4. Christmas puzzles

6. Visit Santa with wish list, and get photo taken

8. Make paper chain decoration

10. Write Christmas cards for friends

13. Paper shape tree decorations

14. Hand and foot print creations

15. Make pipe cleaner candy cane decorations

18. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn

20. Look at Christmas lights

21. Make paper lantern

22. Make Christmas cards for family's gifts on Christmas day

24. Bake cookies to leave for Santa (and left overs for Christmas day)

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