Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wrapped up in Wrap Skirts

I have wanted to try a wrap skirt for some time, so when I had Sewing Green book checked out from the library, I discovered a wrap skirt pattern and tutorial inside... AWESOME! FREE!!!!! my favourite kind of pattern!

Here is my first attempt at following this pattern.

It's a little long for my short frame, and seems to flare out a little too much that low down my legs, i feel like a bell lol.

Accidentally, with a particular fabric in mind that would not allow for this length, or 7 cuts of the pattern piece, this skirt was formed out of my shortened and widened pattern piece (only requires 3 pieces per side rather then 7)

and another was made

and another....

can you tell I am loving all the options and variety
They are so quick and simple to make these skirts!!!

I reckon each skirt only cost me about $10 or so in fabrics! and I get up 2 skirts out of them!

SHOULD be set for summer.... but I may just make another 1 or 2......

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