Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Long Awaited Tool Belt Tutorial!

Finally I have had a chance to blog the tool belt tutorial!
it was mainly a matter of needing to make a tool belt for someone as well as document the progress in one go that had been stopping my motivation before.
Now I am prepared for our friends 2 year olds birthday.

You will need:
belt main: 29"x 6.5" of fabric and interfacing
Pocket: 9" x 4.5" of fabric x2
loops: 1.5" x 17"
Elastic: 9"
Snaps or Velcro

1) fold the belt main in half length ways with right sides together and interfacing on the wrong side of both sides, sew all the way around leaving a turning gap on the long side.

2) snip corners, turn and top stitch all the way around.

3) place to 2 pocket pieces right side together, sewing all the way around leaving a turning gap on one of the short sides.

4) snip corners, turn and top stitch ONLY the side with the turning gap.

5) fold the top stitched side up 3" to create a pocket shape.
top stitch up the side, across the top and down the side. (very similar to our mini purse tutorial)

6)Fold loops fabric in half and sew only up the long side.

7) turn and thread the elastic through. you might need to use a safety pin to help slide it through, and also to pin the ends securely with the fabric so you don't loose the elastic tail.

8) placing the pocket 11" from the right side of the belt, pin it in place just above the opening.
and also pin one side of the elastic loop under the left side of the pocket.

9) securely sew in place where you have just pinned.

10) This part is easier if you have the desire tools with you, I bought this pack from big w for just $10.
Work out which order you want the tools, and place them under the elastic loops to work out fit.
make sure they are a tight fit, but still plenty of elastic movement.

11) stitch all tool loops in place.

12) now you need to tuck the end of the fabric in around the elastic, without loosing the elastic end. and top stitch this end.

13) in the same way as the sewn down loops, make sure you have the right fit for your last tool, but this tool fits better with a snap or Velcro because of its handle.

14) place snaps 2" apart of the right side of the tool belt for size adjustment, and one on the left side. use a strip of Velcro if this is your preferred method.
Don't forget a closure for the centre of the pocket.

And you’re DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!

How great would this look with on of our worker dress up vests, available from our store.

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