Friday, February 8, 2013

Fishing Rod Bag Tutorial

Hubby has kind of been asking me to make him some fishing rod bags for about 2 years now! and while I was finally getting my butt into gear, I thought I'd create a tutorial at the same time :)

You will need

a) cut 1 piece 30cm x 123cm (or WOF if making children sized bag as I am)
b) cut 1 piece 15cm x 30cm
1 piece of ribbon, cord or bias 40cm

1) Fold piece "a" in half long ways, and sew up one short side and long side.

I left the salvage mine, because I am making children sized, and saves me hemming the top edge.

2) Turn in right way

3) Fold piece "b" in half long ways, sewing down two long ways.

4) Turn right way, and attach at top of bag

5) Find the middle of the length, mark and straight stitch full length.
I pressed mine and drew lightly with chalk, or you could pin.
be sure to back stitch a few times near the opening as it will have regular use of fishing rod going in and out.

6) Secure ribbon, cord or bias in the centre of the top of the flap.

And you're DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!


Mrs. Lucky said...

What a great idea (even though the suggestion came from your husband) Katherine! Thanks for the tutorial.

Cassandra said...

Fantastic idea!!! It's great to have more projects for men floating around on the interwebs too. I went on a hunt for something for my other half last week and it was slim pickings :-/
Thanks for sharing hun x