Friday, December 21, 2012

Ladies shirt refashion Tutorial

It’s time to raid the op shops or your grandma’s house to create this gorgeous simple shirt… or you that you can buy doily’s online.

suit able for any style of shirt, tank top etc. check your wardrobe, op shops, or the stores have fairly cheap blank clothing.

You will need
1 shirt
1 doily


1) Find the centre position on the back of your top and pin doily in place.
2) Sew around the outside where it has the most crochet stitches.

3) Turn inside out, pinch up the shirt layer only and snip an opening.
4) I use my applique duckbill scissors for this next part (shown below), and trim as close to the stitches as I can.

And you're DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!
not bad for a $4 shirt, right?


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Mrs. Lucky said...

Love refashioning and upcycling tutorials. Great idea Katherine!