Sunday, October 7, 2012

Organising My UFOs

I bet your wondering why I have so many space crafts that I need a way to organise them, right?

Well in the sewing/crafting world, UFO stands for Un- Finished Objects.

So being the neat freak I am, unfinished projects can feel messy and overwhelming to me.Here is my simple solution to keep these organised, prevents them getting messed up and also means they are easy to see and I am more likely to grab one and finish it off.

For starters I have a notebook sitting on my sewing desk, right beside me sewing machine with a list of things I want or need to do next.
I will work my way through this list (not in order), things that "need" to be done, will be done in order and take priority over "wants".
As I complete an item, I scrawl it out so i can no longer see it, and its clearly crossed off.

If I have the fabrics in mind for particular projects, or have started to cut something, I will bag it in it own zip lock bag, and stick a little sticker on the front to tell me at a glance what project is in the bag.

and then they are stored in this container. Looks kind of pretty for UFOs don't you think?


How do you organise your unfinished projects?
Do you have an actually "to do list" or is it more like a mental wish list?

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The O's said...

I can relate to this, big time!

I wrote a list on my blog at the beginning of the year of all the things I 'needed' to sew this year and have managed to cross almost all of the things off (so proud and it's only October!!). I have made lots of other things that aren't on the list but at least it is keeping me honest.

I have specific patterns with fabrics in mind and once things are cut it is usually a done deal to have it finished quickly. It's the 'sewing hooks and eyes' or buttons on that cause me the most grief! I took a whole load of hand sewing projects on our road trip in June and had them mostly done before we had gotten to the far outskirts of Sydney which made me realise just how much I had been procrastiating.