Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wrist Wallet Tutorial

There has been a few occasions when my boys have had a few things they had to pay for at school on the same day, between lunch orders, donations and excursions to pay for, it’s very hard for them to keep track of everything and very easy for money to get lost and slip out of their pocket without noticing.

So this wrist wallet was the solution, however the tutorial I followed the first 6 times (yes 6 boo-boos!) wasn’t working for me.
Here is my new and Sew Very Simple version!

You Will Need:
Front top peice: 2"x 8.5"
Front bottom piece: 2.5"x 8.5"
Back piece: 3"x 8.5"
Inner piece: 3"x 8.5"
2x 4" lengths of 1" bias binding either matching or contrast like my example.
5" zip or use the folowing steps to shorten any length zip.


1) Measure the length of the zip you need from the zipper pull in closed position and pin to mark

2) Fold Bias Binding in half and place folded edge either end of the zip.
Sew a straight line on the edge of bias binding, remember to move the zipper pull out of the way when you are working on the side.

3) Snip off the extra length of zip from underneath the sewn on bias binding.
4) Fold the long edge of the top and bottom front pieces 1cm and then again 1cm. so the raw edge is tucked inside the fold.
5) Place folded edge either side of the zip and top stitch into place all the way to the edge including the bias binding.
You may need to wiggle the zipper pull out of the way as you get close to it in each direction.

6)  This part might get a little confusing as we pin all 3 layers together.
Place the inner layer down first, with top facing upwards
Next is the layer with the zip, also facing upwards
last layer is the back, place this facing towards the zip layer.

Pin and sew, leaving approx. 3cm gap at the bottom to turn in the right way.

After you have sewing don't forget to snip your corners to make a nicer turned corner.

7) Turn the right way and top stitch all the way around the edge and close up the gap.
It's a little hard to see on this colour wallet, but I have sewn a line straight down 3cm from both edges. It doesn't mater so much on my particular ones because of the snaps, but if you have used Velcro it will stop money hiding in the far corners.
And, well, it looks a little nicer with a few more top stitch details.
And you’re DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!


Emily Dee said...

Love it! I hate zips but I think I might have to attempt this for Master 5! :)

Karin Redman said...

Thank you. I just made one for my son. He loves it! Note to self: denim is waaay too thick for pop buttons.. ;)