Sunday, July 29, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day

I really appreciate my children’s teacher; they go above and beyond what is required of them.
The whole school has me very impressed really.

So while I got a little ahead of myself, (I thought Teacher appreciation day was coming in July... but it's not until October) I am well organised now!

Each of the teachers the children chose (8 all up) will receive a sleep mask, coffee mug with cup cosy and an assortment of tea bags and coffee sachets.

It will also be teamed up with this poem:

A well-earned cuppa for you,
To say 'thanks for all that you do.
Making a difference teaching my child this year,
experiencing many giggles and even a tear.

I think it's time for a well-deserved rest,
So out of these beverages, please choose the best,
Put up your feet, have some fun,
Relax- It’s another day done!

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day!!!

and all wrapped up. They were a big hit!

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Mrs. Lucky said...

What a lovely idea and thanks sharing it. I really like the poem too!