Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drawstring Bag Tutorial


1) Work out the size you would like your bag to be- if you have something in particular in mind to go in the bag, use this as a guide and then make your measurements larger then this item.

If you will be making multiple bags the same size, it might be wise to make a pattern out of some paper- easier to measure and mark on paper then fabric.

Cut two pieces of fabric- no rule whether your bag has to be rectangle or square, this is up to you.
(Or you can cut one if you place the bag base on a fold.)

2) With fabric right sides together, pin and sew/overlock 3 sides together. (In my case, my bottom seam is actually the fold of my fabric so no need to sew)

3) I overlock the edge of my opening at this stage, if you don't have an overlocker you can do a zigzag stitch right on the edge of your fabric, or during the hemming you can folded it over twice.

4) With a button hole foot, choose the size of the hole you will need, based on the size of ribbon/cord you will be using to close the bag.
I normally use two ribbons/cords to close the bag as you can tie it more secure after drawing it closed, which will mean you need two button holes. One works well also.
Using the top of the button hole window as a guide to make sure I get both holes the same distance down from the top, I place the right edge of the foot against the left of the side seam on both side.
5) Using a quick unpick, carefully break the fabric fibres between the button hole stitching.

6) Fold the top hem down and sew all the way around- make sure where you are about to sew is below the button holes, if not, make your hem a little wider.
7) Turn bag in right way and feed ribbon/cord through button hole and back out the same button hole, tie off and repeat with other button hole.

And you're DONE!
It's that SIMPLE!

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